How I started to learn programming


In this post, I want to share with you my experiences of learning programming. It has brought great joy in my life.

Previously at Tsinghua University (during my bechelor's), I took a C++ course but didn't take it seriously, so after that I still couldn't write code at all. In March and April of 2016, we had the module of Bioinformatics (in our Master Program), during which we had a couple of R programming lectures. That's when I began to seriously learn programming.



This post is about what I've being learning since I caught programming fever. The main part is written in English.

若干年前,我写过一篇文章:提高生活幸福感的方法若干 | Scarlett's Blog。虽然在现在看来,那篇文章实在是很可(幼)爱(稚),但是,现在我又要写一篇类似的文章了。。。这次的主题是solely关于tech的。

OS X: Everthing is about productivity

我在2013年开始使用Macbook Pro。在一开始,我就被OS X系统迷住了,一切都比Windows更美、更简洁、更流畅、更intuitive。但那时还是我跟它的蜜月期,之后就慢慢习惯了。但最近,因为开始学习编程,做了一些新的task,我必须得说,我重新迷上了OS X。

System harmony

People! Please use Keynote and Pages instead of Powerpoint and Word! They are far more stylishly designed and better integrated with other softwares on Mac.